Hi, I'm RM (RiceMountainer).

I'm an IT engineer based on Japan / Working at Heroku; Salesforce / Husband and father of 2 sons / Hobby illustrator and Manga Author / Music Lover,love Live & Rock Festival

My sons, 2019

I love my kids
Me at Fuji Rock Festival 2019

I love Music Festival
My drawing, 2020

I love drawing
Part of my dev-env, 2021

I love developing

I love ストレイテナー, the HIATUS, ELLEGARDEN, Nothing's Carved In Stone, MONOEYES, ACIDMAN, THE BACK HORN, 9mm Parabellum Bullet, MAN WITH A MISSION, SpecialThanks etc.
Also I like AWS, GCP, Heroku, Serverless, Node.js etc.